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AFS Raises Funds for Hampton Roads MDA


CHESAPEAKE VA. Accelerated Financial Solutions (AFS) was one of several Hampton Roads area companies that raised over $35,000 for the Hampton Roads Muscular Dystrophy Association during the charity’s July Telethon Executive Lock Up at the Renaissance Hotel in Portsmouth, Va.

As part of the fund-raiser, corporate executives were voluntarily “arrested,” taken to the MDA Lock Up at the hotel, and raised MDA donations through the telethon to earn bail for their mock arrest.

AFS executives, CEO Josh Tawes and Anthony Stile, COO, both participated in the MDA Lock Up, contributing their time and efforts to raising funds for the charity organization.

“The money we and the other executives raised will help support local families suffering from one of 43 neuromuscular diseases that MDA encompasses,” said Tawes. “This is a cause AFS believes in, so we plan to partner in other MDA fund-raising opportunities as often as possible.”

“AFS is dedicated to helping the people in our community,” said Stile. “The fundraiser is one of many activities we contribute to year after year," he added.

Accelerated Financial Solutions

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