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About Us

Accelerated Financial Solutions (AFS) is a financial company providing advanced recovery solutions in the distressed receivables market. We are focused on all aspects of debt management, from paper purchasing and debt sales to contingency collections, debt recovery and call center consulting.

Headquartered in Virginia, our company is a fast-paced, fast-growing organization directed by a seasoned team of financial experts with decades of experience in debt purchasing, collection and management.

Noted throughout the industry for the high caliber of our personnel, we are also known for delivering highly profitable returns for our clients. Because our portfolio constantly changes, we can provide opportunities for both the debt seller and the debt purchaser.

The AFS Difference

AFS is not your typical collection company. We are a financial services company focused on debt recovery and management.

Our people and our customer-friendly processes set us apart from others in our industry. Our call consultants are among the best in the industry because we only recruit and hire professionals dedicated to treating every person they contact with dignity and respect. The AFS staff, understanding that each situation is unique, is trained to handle each case individually and determine the best methods for liquidating outstanding debts.

Our Goal

As a full service debt purchaser, our goal is the resolution of each debt quickly, economically and as amicably as possible for all parties. We strive to resolve every situation using all available means necessary to liquidate the debt.