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Our Management

The Accelerated Financial Solutions executive team are entrepreneurs with financial expertise and years of management experience in debt collection and debt recovery business.

Josh Tawes, CEO

Josh Tawes is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Accelerated Financial Solutions. A serial entrepreneur, Josh started his first company MAW Disposal when he was just 16 years old. He and his brother successfully operated the construction waste company for several years.

After graduating from high school, Josh entered the world of debt management when he joined Accelerated Bureau of Collections of Richmond, Va., in 1999 as the company’s youngest employee. Within months and still just 18 years old, he was promoted to Manager, becoming the company’s youngest supervisor.

When that company was acquired a year later by Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. (OSI), a world leader in debt purchasing and management, Josh transferred to OSI’s Ashland, Va. office, where he managed Discover card and Citibank accounts.

In 2002, Josh left OSI to accept a position with Portfolio Recovery Associations (PRA), one of the nation’s largest debt management companies. After a short time, Josh was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Collections for PRA. Working in PRA’s Norfolk office, he supervised nine call center teams and was responsible for their training, performance and adherence to FDCPA state and national regulations.

During his tenure with PRA, the company launched a successful IPO and grew substantially, often recording triple and quadruple growth in staff and revenues.

In 2004, Josh joined another PRA Assistant Vice President Anthony Stile to start a debt management and recovery firm, which they named Accelerated Financial Solutions. At first the company operated out of an office in Josh’s home, but quickly the new business flourished and within weeks the company outgrew its one room office space.

Today, the company that entrepreneurs Josh and Anthony built and self-financed is one of the fastest growing companies in Virginia and is a rising national leader in debt management. In May 2012, Josh was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Hampton Roads.

Josh, who is a Richmond native, has lived in the Hampton Roads area for over five years.

Anthony Stile, COO

Anthony Stile, Chief Operating Officer for Accelerated Financial Solutions, has been in the financial services industry for over ten years. During that time, he has served as an integral part in the growth and expansion of several credit and debt management companies.

Anthony began his career at USA Discounters, a national furniture and credit business based in Norfolk, Va. Starting out as entry level, he quickly was promoted to Credit Manager and transferred to Washington, D.C. There, he helped launch the company’s D.C. location, just the second location for the now nation-wide organization.

In 1999, he joined Portfolio Recovery Associations (PRA), where he worked in management for five years. His first role at PRA, which is one of the nation’s largest debt management organizations, was as Operations Manager. In that position, he supervised a call center team and was responsible for their training and performance. He also was responsible for ensuring that all FDCPA laws, both federal and state, were followed and that employees had the tools they needed to succeed.

Named Operations Employee of the Year, Anthony was promoted to PRA Assistant Vice President. One of only four assistant vice president’s, he directed nine operational teams and supervised over a hundred people. He also helped open PRA’s Hampton, Va., office and their Kansas regional office as well.

While he was at PRA, the company grew from just one location to a nation-wide organization, recording triple and quadruple growth year after year and successfully launching an IPO in 2002.

Using his success and industry knowledge, Anthony joined forces with another PRA Assistant VP Josh Tawes to open Accelerated Financial in 2004. Operating out of Josh’s home office, the new company quickly flourished, outgrew its one room space within weeks, and is now not only one of the fastest growing companies in Virginia and a rising national leader in debt management.

Anthony, who majored in sociology at Virginia Wesleyan University, is a New York native and longtime Hampton Roads, Va. resident. In May 2012, he was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Hampton Roads.