Our Services

Accelerated Financial Solutions services credit card companies, retailers, and financial institutions in debt recovery. Our company of financial experts is actively engaged in servicing, purchasing, and selling distressed portfolios. We also serve as a nationwide provider of contingency collections for companies both large and small.
AFS offers a wide variety of services to our clients, including:

  • Paper purchasing
  • Contingency collections
  • Debt sales
  • Debt recovery
  • Debt consolidation
  • Call center consulting

Debt Services

Because of our years of experience in the debt recovery business, we understand that in many cases an outside influence - such as an illness, death, job loss or divorce - may prohibit individuals from keeping their financial obligations or making their monthly payments.

As a full service debt purchaser, we attempt to resolve each situation using all available means to liquidate the debt. Using a tested, systematic approach, we diligently make every effort to work with a customer.

When a voluntarily agreement can not be made, we have a network of attorneys throughout the country and relationships with probate and bankruptcy and recovery experts to assist us in the legal resolution of these debts.

Call Center Consulting

With the expertise we have in hiring, training and keeping call center personnel, we are often called on to assist start-up and tenured companies on call center staff management. Utilizing a solid, methodical approach, we help companies build call centers that meet their needs and accomplish their goals.